American Diabetes Association teams up with HearPO

PLYMOUTH, Minn. A national strategic partnership between the American Diabetes Association and HearPO will provide additional resources to educate people with diabetes, medical practitioners and the general public about the connection between diabetes and hearing loss.

HearPO, one of the largest distributors of hearing aids and hearing services in the world, is working together with the American Diabetes Association to locate and treat diabetic patients who have not been diagnosed or treated for existing hearing loss. The organizations are offering testing sites and seminars, as well as booklets and other educational supplements to raise awareness about the relationship between diabetes and hearing loss.


"We are pleased HearPO is joining with us to spread the word that there is a direct correlation between diabetes and hearing loss," said Nash Childs, American Diabetes Association board chairman. "More specifically, we'd like to educate older adults with diabetes, as this population faces many issues in managing their disease, and through this relationship we'll be able to provide additional tools and resources."


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