American Crew unveils 2014 trends in men's hair care

DENVER — Men’s grooming brand American Crew has debuted the hottest trends in men's haircuts and style. Much like the bold patterns and color-blocking combinations that will rule men's fashion and provide a range of style options for spring/summer 2014, men's grooming in 2014 is all about versatility.

Taking inspiration from "retro" shapes, the Independent Collection features three new cuts – Ezra, Hamilton and James – each styled in three ways.


"Gone are shorter haircuts that limit style options; 2014 is the year to be a bit more bold, play both sides of the fence with your style and keep your options open," stated Craig Hanson, American Crew creative director. "It starts with the cut, and by keeping hair longer, men can take advantage of all the choices they have for their style."

James: Not your father's comb over, nor is it Christian Bale's in American Hustle, this cut and subsequent styles take the uber-groomed look of the 50s and pairs it with blow-combed styles from the 70s to give hair an exaggerated look of fullness with a sculpted shape. Get the look with American Crew Pomade.

Ezra: Go to new lengths and defy gravity with this 80s-inspired style that is as tall as it is bold. Get the look with American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel that has a non-flaking formula that promises to provide all-day hold. Once dry, finish the hair with American Crew Fiber to thicken, texturize and increase fullness of the hair, with a matte finish.

Hamilton: This cut is both relaxed and rugged, and a modern take on the characteristic 90s hairstyles. Hamilton easily goes from day to night, or can be easily changed to fit any mood. Get the look with American Crew Alternator, a styling and finishing spray that uses polymer-based technology for control while allowing hair to remain flexible for styling and adjusting.


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