Always announces innovation in feminine care with Always Infinity launch

CINCINNATI Procter & Gamble has announced the introduction of Always Infinity, a launch the personal care company has coined as the biggest innovation to hit the feminine care category in years.

What makes the pad unique, according to P&G, is Infinicel, a material that absorbs 10 times its weight while remaining light.

Always Infinity capitalizes on the company’s years of consumer and technical research assessing how products perform. Research indicates that traditional pads often fail due to poor body fit. Always Infinity’s design, including its tapered core, microdots and form-fitting channels, helps the pad achieve critical three-dimensional body fit.

Infinicel has an integrated two-layer structure that removes fluid from the top of the pad and transports it into the bottom layer, where it is distributed and stored. This allows the pad to continue absorbing fluid away from the source for a lighter mark on the pad surface.

According to P&G, the feminine care market has not seen such an advancement since the early introduction of ultrathin pads in the 1990s.

More than 60 patents were generated in the development of the material, the finished product and the production.

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