Alliance Labs launches DocuSol Kids, a non-irritating constipation solution

PHOENIX — Alliance Labs on Wednesday announced the launch of DocuSol Kids, a non-irritating constipation solution. 
Many over-the-counter treatments for constipation contain bisacodyl, which is a known irritant. DocuSol Kids is formulated with docusate sodium and polyethylene glycol, which serve as hyper-osmotic laxatives, drawing water into the bowel from surrounding body tissues and replicating how the body works normally.  
Constipation affects 25% to 30% of young children, which means approximately 1-in-3 children will struggle with this condition, the company noted. Since 2008, researchers have found that the number of constipated children seen by primary care doctors has nearly doubled in the past decade. Caring for children with constipation is associated with higher healthcare costs, reaching an estimated $3.9 billion a year.
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