Allergy sufferers find relief with mobile apps

WebMD allergy app

NEW YORK — Mobile apps may be helping to boost an allergy sufferer's awareness of his or her condition, and potentially prompting them to seek relief at the local pharmacy, as apps tracking regional allergens become more prominent.

For example, all 2013 Ford models have been enabled to access the's Allergy Alert app to give drivers a safe way to check the potential for scratchy eyes, sore throats and runny noses while on the go. "Mobile health apps are changing the way consumers manage their own wellness," explained Doug VanDagens, global director of Ford Connected Services.

"Our experience with allergy sufferers suggests a strong demand for real-time information," added Dan Barton, U.S. head of product development for IMS Health, which developed the app. "The technology we've applied in the Ford SYNC AppLink-equipped car helps drivers better prepare for the allergens they may encounter on the road."

WebMD Health recently got in on the allergy app action with the launch of its branded app just before the spring allergy season started taking hold this year.

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