Allergan joins forces with Common for See America efforts

DUBLIN — Allergan, as part of its See America initiative to fight preventable blindness in the United States, rolled out its new video featuring actor and hip-hop artist Common. The video urges Americans to “stand in the way of darkness.”
“I'm proud to join Allergan in the fight against preventable blindness,” Common said. "Sight is something that far too many of us take for granted. I hope our message resonates with people across the country, no matter what age or background."
In the video, Common highlights the 61 million Americans who are at risk of going blind or experiencing severe vision impairment and the expectation that blindness and visual impairment cases will double by 2050. Common encourages taking time to prioritize vision health. 
“We are excited to have joined forces with Common to raise awareness of the important issue of preventable blindness in America,” Allergan SVP eye care Herm Cukier said. “This video marks the first of many ways in which we aim to educate and engage the public. Common shares our bold approach to life, and we believe that this video will take us one step closer to nationwide appreciation for the gift of sight.”
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