Alleradd launches supplement to support mental function as alternative to energy products

HOUSTON — Alleradd on Wednesday launched its namesake product — a dietary supplement product to help students focus as a healthy, quick-acting alternative to energy products with no harmful side effects. 

Alleradd was developed by two college graduates and former financial engineers, Lucas Siegel and Matthew Piskorz. "Sophomore year, I realized there is something deeper and darker about [prescription-only alertness alternatives]," stated Siegel. "These miracle drugs people are using to study are much more than just performance-enhancing study drugs, they are amphetamines. I was literally sitting there watching some of my friends spiral out of control." 

So Siegel and Piskorz worked with a nutraceutical manufacturer and formulated a unique combination of 18 ingredients including GABA, vitamin D-3, alpha-lipoic acid and DMAE that is scientifically formulated to promote a balance of elevated focus, mood and mental drive.

"Our product isn't as strong as prescription ADHD medication and is not intended to cure any disease," Siegel said. "We have found that it's possible to amplify mental performance and energy without straining the body with harmful and powerful prescription drugs. Alleradd is designed for people who need energy, attention, and the power to accelerate their lives."

The brand is presently available for a suggested $34.95 at

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