Allegro launches spring, summer designer cosmetic bag collections

LOS ANGELES Allegro Manufacturing, which is owned by Conair, is launching for 2009 new spring/summer collections under the Trina and Morella brands.

The 2009 Trina collection, a premium cosmetic bag line, features a mix of modern luxury with elements of classic elegance. The new collection features sleek textures and rich fabrics that are coupled with bold citrus tones and black and white minimalism to reflect the season’s trends. Within the collection are eight unique lines priced between $25 and $99.

For the mass market, Allegro is offering the Modella 2009 spring/summer collection. Modella bags combine form and function with their bright colors and distinctive patterns on bags that serve a purpose for all kinds of travel.

The new Modella collection includes fitted valets, three-piece weekend sets, purse kits, fitted mini-train cases and a fitted weekender made of recycled nylon. The pieces are priced at less than $15.

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