Alere Wellbeing publishes book touting Quit For Life smoking-cessation program

SEATTLE — After years of successfully helping tobacco users quit with the Quit For Life Program, Alere Wellbeing has launched a new book designed to bring that expertise to the everyday consumer. Anyone wanting to quit tobacco can now purchase a copy of Quit Smoking for Life, written by health writer Suzanne Schlosberg with the help of Quit Coaches from the program.

Within the pages of this book, tobacco users will find a five-step plan that makes quitting achievable for everyone. With Quit Smoking for Life, smokers will map out every aspect of their quit — the date they will stop smoking; how they’ll occupy their hands, mouth and mind; and how they will cope with stress, nicotine cravings and being around smokers. Preparation is the crucial step, yet most smokers just wing it — and fail, Alere stated.

In fact, just 4% to 7% of tobacco users who try to quit on their own have success, though 69% of smokers say they want to quit.

The Quit Smoking for Life plan involves strategies such as “mini-quits,” tobacco proofing and nicotine replacement medications, which are often used incorrectly, according to Alere Wellbeing. It includes a pull-out workbook, as well as quitting stories from people who have beat nicotine addictions and lots of realistic, supportive tips from professional quit coaches.

The Quit For Life Program, backed by the American Cancer Society, has an average quit rate of 47%. However, many people do not have access to the Quit For Life Program, as it is available only through select employers and health plans. The book, also backed by the American Cancer Society, fills this gap and allows access to the methods proven successful for more than 2 million tobacco users.

Quit Smoking for Life offers the expertise of 200 trained Quit Coaches – the same Quit Coaches accessed by participants in the Quit For Life Program. The book is endorsed by Michael Fiore, the director of the Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention at University of Wisconsin and a nationally recognized expert on tobacco, and Daniel Eisenberg, the medical director of Cardiology at Saint Joseph Medical Center.

The book is available on, and is sold in leading bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books and Books A Million. It is also available at airport bookstores.

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