Alcon's TobraDex ST treats inflammatory eye conditions

HUENENBERG, Switzerland Eyecare company Alcon has launched a new drug for inflammatory eye conditions.


Alcon announced the launch of TobraDex ST (tobramycin, dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension) in the 0.3%/0.5% strength. The drug is used to treat inflammatory eye conditions treatable with corticosteroids and where bacterial infection or risk of infection exists.



“This product was specifically designed to increase retention time on the eye, allowing the drug to calm inflammation and fight bacteria effectively,” said Stuart Raetzman, Alcon VP global marketing and area president for the United States. “Clinical studies indicated that 10 minutes after dosing, concentrations of TobraDex ST remained on the ocular surface at levels high enough to kill 99.9% of ocular bacteria.”


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