Albertsons launches Healthy Eaters program for kids

FULLERTON, Calif. Albertsons has started a field trip program for kids in kindergarten through fourth grade that teaches them about the importance of healthy eating.

The main goal of Albertsons Healthy Eaters is to stem the growing tide of childhood obesity and to get kids to develop good eating habits at an early age. “If children learn from a young age how to make the right food choices, they will be more likely to make those choices throughout their lifetime,” said Heidi Diller, a nutritionist for Albertsons. The field trip program began at store in Fullerton, Calif. on March 6.

Children in kindergarten, first and second grades will visit Albertsons supermarkets to learn simple concepts about healthy eating through interactive demonstrations. Third and fourth graders will focus on decision making and learning to read food labels that identify vital things like fat and sodium content. The program is being offered at supermarkets in eight states including Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

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