AllazoHealth releases two-part MCO survey

NEW YORK — AllazoHealth earlier this week released a two-part survey outlining current trends in managed care organization medication adherence intervention programs. The first part of the survey describes MCO patient and intervention-targeting techniques; the second part outlines MCO intervention techniques.

Medication aherence is an important issue: Patients who don't adhere to their medications accrue higher medical costs and experience a lower quality of life. MCOs have implemented adherence programs to help combat the issue.

The survey was conducted in spring 2014 and involved 30 MCOs, each of whom completed questionnaire with multiple choice and open-ended questions. MCOs were asked questions regarding existing medication adherence programs; current interventions; efficacy of existing interventions; and selection processes for patient interventions, AllazoHealth stated.

"We are very excited to release this survey research and educate readers on the current landscape of MCO medication adherence intervention programs," AllazoHealth CEO and co-author Clifford Jones said. "We believe these results will encourage MCOs to improve their current programs and identify the need for more enhanced predictive analytics platforms."

An infographic reflecting results of the survey is posted below. The entire survey can be accessed here.

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