Alacer launches new for-kids SKU; pledges its support for Vitamin Angels

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif. — Alacer last week launched Emergen-C Kidz, a new vitamin drink mix specially formulated for children. A portion of the proceeds from the new SKU will be donated to Vitamin Angels, the company added.

For every box of Emergen-C Kidz sold, 25 cents will be donated to Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing childhood mortality through supplementation. "Essential nutrients enable young immune systems to fight infectious diseases, helping children attain good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives," stated Howard Schiffer, president Vitamin Angels.

Alacer hopes to raise additional funds for Vitamin Angels through the My Emergen-C Kidz Pledge. For every family that takes the pledge, Alacer will donate an additional 25 cents to Vitamin Angels with the hope of raising $5,000. Parents can take the My Emergen-C Kidz Pledge at, where they can find tools and resources to help them track, celebrate and share their progress.

Each packet of Emergen-C Kidz fizzes in water to provide 250 mg of vitamin C, plus zinc, quercetin and other antioxidants, for immune support; five B vitamins that play a key role in metabolism for energy; and essential minerals and electrolytes to help kids stay healthy.

The Emergen-C Kidz vitamin drink mixes are available in three fruit flavors: fruit punch, orange and grape. Fruit punch and orange flavors are available where vitamin C products are sold, and grape is available exclusively at natural food retailers, including Whole Foods Market. The retail price for a 30-packet box averages $10.99. Free samples of Emergen-C Kidz will be available on the Emergen-C Facebook page, beginning Sept. 6.

For more information about Emergen-C Kidz vitamin drink mixes, Vitamin Angels and the My Emergen-C Kidz Pledge, visit You can also follow Emergen-C and Vitamin Angels on Twitter via @EmergenC and @VitaminAngels.

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