Aisle7 Mobile unites retailers with on-the-go, health-conscious shoppers

PORTLAND, Ore. Aisle7 on Tuesday announced the availability of the Aisle7 Mobile suite, a collection of customizable mobile applications that enable retailers to reach health-conscious shoppers on the go. Aisle7 Mobile features a configurable architecture that allows a retailer to customize its mobile app and select the functionality, features and health-and-wellness content that appeals to its shopper base.

"Today's shoppers want information literally in the palm of their hand, and mobile devices do just that," stated Michael Sansolo, industry consultant and former VP of the Food Marketing Institute. "Having these apps for fact-based, easily used and understandable nutrition information on smart phones will help shoppers make more informed and better decisions about meal choices and purchases. It's a win-win for supermarkets and their shoppers."

Aisle7 Mobile includes two ready-built, customizable offerings that help on-the-go shoppers plan their shopping trips, share wellness tips with friends and find products to help shoppers reach their health goals. Both offerings provide seamless smart phone integration, offering interactive store locaters, e-mail and social sharing capabilities with such networks as Facebook.

Available applications consist of:

  • Aisle7 Meal Inspiration, which provides retailers with a turnkey solution of more than 1,000 healthy recipes and healthy eating tips, enabling shoppers to create shopping lists and share information with friends; and
  • Aisle7 Smart Supplements, which provides shoppers with nutrition and self-care recommendations that can be added to a shopping list for more than 200 health conditions. It also provides a medication safety checker function for consumers to find the nutrients to consider or avoid in order to make their prescription more effective.

Aisle7 also can work with retailers to create their own unique application by leveraging Aisle7 Wellness AppStream technology, an on-demand service that provides development access to any of the wellness articles, widgets and health tools that Aisle7 offers. This new platform supports a wide range of possibilities to reach retail marketing objectives, from recommending specific products based on shopper goals to suggesting actions that lead to healthy eating.

"Aisle7 Mobile enables retailers to quickly take advantage of two of the fastest-growing retail trends in the industry: mobile and self-care," said Jeffrey Beyer, CEO of Aisle7. "With this release, we give our customers the ability to engage their shoppers through all stages of the purchase cycle, from planning at home to finding answers in the aisle and building shopping lists that drive sales."

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