Aisle7 launches Wellness AppStream

PORTLAND, Ore. Aisle7 on Wednesday announced the availability of Aisle7 Wellness AppStream, a set of standards-based Web services enabling digital marketers to create wellness applications for any retail channel environment or any technology platform.


“With the release of Aisle7 Online, we’ve seen how easy it is for customers to leverage our Web services application programming interface to build custom implementations for their website,” stated Jeffrey Beyer, CEO of Aisle7. “Aisle7 Wellness AppStream extends that ability to mobile and in-store delivery formats, as well as social media platforms, so marketers can build new cutting-edge wellness applications for emerging retail platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, Android and many others.”


Aisle7 Wellness AppStream features REST-based Web services that allow retailers to make on-demand requests to any of the Aisle7 databases. Marketers can choose from existing or custom content resources to create applications that highlight wellness recommendations for such high-margin categories as supplements, OTCs, prescriptions, meat and seafood, and produce. 


“With its latest set of Web services, Aisle7 has made it really easy for us to deliver a consistent, retail-appropriate wellness message throughout our website,” stated Dan MacKay, director of Web technologies at Albertsons. “The Web services are easy to use and very powerful, allowing us to create a unique wellness experience for our shoppers.”


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