Aisle7 launches interactive solution that helps educate patients on nutrient-drug interactions

PORTLAND, Ore. — Aisle7 on Thursday announced the launch of Healthnotes Interactions Checker, a next-generation solution simplifying the task of deciding which nutrients positively or negatively interact with the medicines they take. More than half of all Americans take some form of dietary supplement, and an estimated 40% of U.S. adults take both drugs and nutrients as part of their health regimen. Of these, 60% aren’t discussing possible interactions with their physician or pharmacist, Aisle7 noted. 

“Over the last several months, we’ve spoken with pharmacists, doctors and our retail partners who tell us they see both a customer service and an information gap in the current prescription information delivery systems,” stated Skye Lininger, CEO of Aisle7. “The Healthnotes Interactions Checker solves this problem by seamlessly integrating with our clients’ environments—whether pharmacy-management systems, e-commerce sites, mobile platforms or health professional tools.”

“Today’s healthcare professionals are looking for the tools and resources they need to spend less time managing their business and more time caring for patients,” added Mandy Kraynik, VP Integrative Therapeutics. “Partnering with Aisle7 to introduce an interactive drug-nutrient interaction checker allows us to provide value to our customers in meaningful ways outside of nutritional supplements. Making new, dynamic tools like this available to healthcare professionals exemplifies our commitment to the integrative medicine community.”

The Healthnotes Interactions Checker has a simple interface: a person enters their current drugs and supplements into the list and the resulting report is easy-to-read and color-coded to clearly identify nutrients that have adverse or beneficial interactions with their medications. Reports can be printed or emailed to read later and share with a health professional.

Reports can also be automatically triggered as part of a prescription refill. The Healthnotes Interactions Checker accepts National Drug Codes from external pharmacy systems to create customized reports. When a refill is requested, a report can be auto-generated and delivered directly to the patient’s mobile phone. Or it can be made available at prescription pickup to discuss with their pharmacist, who can then highlight the nutrients to avoid due to safety concerns and which to add to support a medicine’s effectiveness or reduce side effects.

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