AirWare Labs to place marketing muscle behind AIR Allergy launch

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — AirWare Labs Corp. on Monday announced it will expand its sales and promotional marketing efforts of the AIR Allergy product in addition to the Sleep/Snore product as part of its continued commitment to a national rollout.

The new marketing efforts will help expand awareness that the AIR Allergy product can be used in defense of the flu, the company stated. “Unlike the masks you sometimes see in other countries to protect from — and against — germs from co-workers and the general public, we have a discrete and better solution," stated Jeffrey Rassas, Airware Labs president and CEO. "AIR Allergy offers increased intranasal protection where we believe the flu is often contracted. Once customers experience the healthy by-product of increased oxygen flow, decreased air pollutants and the wellness benefits of essential therapeutic oils in AIR products, we are confident our products will quickly become the preferred choice for drug-free relief for common ailments and sleepless nights.”

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