AIDS Healthcare Foundation to rebrand MOMS Pharmacy

Rebranding to take effect immediately; changing signage and other fixtures could take "several months"

LOS ANGELES — The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is rebranding a chain of specialty pharmacies it recently bought.

The AHF, which bought MOMS Pharmacy in August 2012, said it would rebrand the chain as AHF Pharmacy. MOMS is focused exclusively on providing medications and support services to people living with HIV and AIDS. The name change will be effective immediately, but the entire rebranding could take several months due to state pharmacy regulations and the need to replace signage, prescription labeling and other fixtures.

"2012 was an exciting year for AHF, heralded by the remarkable growth and expansion of many of our programs and services, including AHF's acquisition of the MOMS Pharmacy chain in August," AHF president Michael Weinstein said. "Throughout the transition, continuity of care and services for MOMS Pharmacy clients remained our highest priority, so we made a decision to continue to operate those pharmacies under the MOMS brand."

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- 12:07 AM
leejennifer842 says

MOMS pharmacy mainly deals with medication regarding people suffering from AIDS and HIV. These pharmacies are doing a great job by providing services to the patients against the most dreaded disease in the world. I hope the rebranding would make it more popular and it will continue to provide services like this.

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