After Bite introduces new formula

LITTLETON, N.H. — After Bite on Tuesday announced an improvement in its formula, which now uses baking soda to alleviate and soothe bites and stings. The product — which provides relief from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other common insects — will be available on retail shelves beginning February 2014. 

“After Bite is a trusted family favorite,” Frank Meyer, chief marketing officer at Tender Corporation, the company After Bite, said. “Our new and improved formula adds baking soda, Grandma’s home remedy, to the formula for amplified comfort and relief of common insect bites and stings. Generations of families have come to trust in After Bite and the new formula will continue this legacy.”

Other After Bite products include: After Bite Kids, with Aloe Vera and tea tree oil, After Bite Plus with antihistamine, After Bite Outdoor with tea tree oil, After Bite Xtra and After Bite Chigger and Ant.


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