Advil partners with Tough Mudder race for 'Relief in Action' campaign

MADISON, N.J. — Pfizer Consumer Healthcare announced today that Advil is the official pain reliever of Tough Mudder, a 10 mi to 12 mi obstacle course, as part of the Advil Relief in Action campaign that celebrates volunteers who don’t let pain get in the way of providing relief to others.

Both Advil and Tough Mudder are supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project, a cause that assists injured service members and veterans of the armed forces. Tough Mudder participants, spectators and volunteers can share how they see Relief in Action on Twitter and Instagram by sharing inspiring photos with the hashtag #ReliefinAction.

The Advil and Tough Mudder partnership kicks off on the weekend of June 29, at the Tough Mudder Michigan event, where Mudders will face challenges including the redesigned Warrior Carry, an Advil Relief in Action and WWP co-branded obstacle. Warrior Carry will challenge Mudders to work with partners to weave through a series of 12 walls while carrying their partner on their back, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and volunteerism that Tough Mudder, Relief in Action and WWP represent. To further support volunteers who don’t let pain stop them from helping others, Advil is donating a portion of the price of participating Advil bottles to WWP and Habitat for Humanity International.

“Everyone knows that Advil is tough on pain. And Mudders know pain. But there’s more to the Mudder spirit than mud, sweat and tears. There’s a spirit of teamwork and volunteerism, and that’s why Tough Mudder is a natural partner for Advil and the Advil Relief in Action program,” said Brian Groves, chief marketing officer at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. “By honoring this spirit of volunteerism and the desire to help others even when it hurts, Advil Relief in Action is doing its part to recognize and support the missions of Tough Mudder and WWP.”

In addition to the Warrior Carry obstacle on course, starting at the Tough Mudder Michigan event June 29-30, Mudders at select events can find the Advil Relief in Action station at the end of the grueling course. At 10 events through the end of the year, participants also can join Advil for a photo opportunity to commemorate and share their accomplishment on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ReliefinAction.

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