Advertising Age ranks Emerald commercial in year’s Top 10 best ads

STOCKTON, Calif. Diamond Foods, a company specializing in culinary nuts and snack products, on Thursday announced that Advertising Age’s Bob Garfield selected its “Natural Energy” commercial as one of the year’s 10 best spots. The commercial for the company’s Emerald product line premiered during the 2007 Super Bowl and features the late Robert Goulet pulling pranks on people with low energy levels during the midday slump, until he is scared away by an alert man bestowed with natural energy from eating Emerald nuts.

“We are excited to have our commercial recognized in Advertising Age as one of the year’s top spots since it effectively blended humor with our message about the healthy energy benefits of nuts,” said Andrew Burke, senior vice president of Marketing, Diamond Foods.

Emerald snacks are the fastest growing snack nut brand in U.S. food stores, according to IRI Food InfoScan data for the 52-week period ended Dec. 2, 2007.

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