Adults go for gummies

VitaFusion MultiVites

NEW YORK — Perhaps the most exciting recent development in the multivitamin segment is the success of gummy vitamins. Data from SymphonyIRI show that, while teen and infant vitamin sales are in decline, gummy vitamins for adults are driving growth within the category.

Products like Northwest Natural’s VitaFusion have experienced dramatic sales increases over the past year, which have far outpaced overall category growth. Consumers have gotten the message: Gummy vitamins are not just for kids. And more manufacturers are producing gummy vitamins for adults, a choice that is paying dividends. 

Two key factors seem to be driving adult interest in gummy vitamins. Vitamins in chewable form eliminate the most common obstacle among older users — the difficulty that comes with swallowing what is often a large pill. Secondly, gummy vitamins simply taste better. So in addition to their usability, gummy vitamins also can boast a preferred flavor profile, while still delivering their expected health benefits. 

With the introduction of gummy vitamins into the market, consumers are now finding vitamins not only easier to use but also enjoyable. And that makes for good news for manufacturers and retailers alike.

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