A&D Medical rolls out new monitoring devices

SAN JOSE, Calif. A&D Medical on Wednesday introduced three new wireless telehealth and wellness devices featuring ANT technology.


A&D Medical's monitoring devices with ANT wireless technology are essential feedback components for wellness coaching and health tracking, the company stated. Suitable for Web-based employee health programs, disease management, prevention programs and consumer wellness solutions, A&D Medical's ANT devices enable a richer, more data-driven experience for both program administrators and end users.



These three A&D Medical products are designed for use with both mHealth and eHealth applications. Using ANT technology, the new products include a tri-axial activity monitor, precision personal health scale and an automatic blood pressure monitor. Each of these products feature an ANT wireless radio with automatic data transmission for seamless health metrics tracking.



ANT is a proven protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low-power practical wireless networking applications. It is designed for ease of use, efficiency and scalability with an installed base of more than 11 million nodes to date.


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