A&D Medical launches new line of UltraConnect blood pressure monitors

SAN DIEGO — A&D Medical is featuring its new line of UltraConnect blood pressure monitors at the NACDS Total Store Expo this weekend here.

“We know today’s retail pharmacists are trying to address the needs of a wide range of customers – from the extremely health conscious to patients struggling to manage a chronic condition,” stated Terry Duesterhoeft, president and CEO of A&D Medical. “So before we designed this new line, we collected extensive consumer feedback. The result is what customers told us they want: an easy-to-use product that consistently delivers accurate measurements, paired with the ability to allow streamlined sharing of data with healthcare providers.”

The new A&D Medical UltraConnect blood pressure monitors represent the premium end of the company's retail offering, and offer a smart connect feature that automatically detects and connects the monitor to the company’s A&D Connect app for ease of use. Offline, the monitor allows for the subsequent transfer of up to 100 readings to the A&D Connect app at a later.

“The new product line leverages our more than four decades of experience in designing and delivering connected products to both the consumer and healthcare spaces – which is precisely where pharmacies sit in the spectrum of healthcare delivery,” Duesterhoeft said. “We look forward to sharing the ways we can help retail pharmacists as they care for their customers now and in the future.”


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