Acura Pharmaceuticals supports launch of Nexafed PSE with pharmacist education website

PALATINE, Ill. — In support of its December launch of the pseudoehedrine product Nexafed, Acura Pharmaceuticals recently kicked off a national e-mail campaign to help drive pharmacists to the Nexafed website with content specifically designed for the pharmacist audience, including infographics, graphic representations of study data and a behind-the-scenes look at Nexafed's abuse-deterrent technology.

The healthcare professional education program will help educate pharmacists on Nexafed, a pseudoephedrine formulated such that it inhibits the diversion to methamphetamine. 

Nexafed still falls under sales restriction dictated by the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2006, which requires all pseudoephedrine products to be placed behind the pharmacy counter. But Acura is looking to demonstrate real, practical experience in the marketplace relative to disrupting meth production. Following that proof of concept, Acura will be able to make applications either to individual states or to the Drug Enforcement Agency in an effort to get exemptions from relative sales restrictions. 

The company also noted that Nexafed has been reviewed by Hamacher Resource Group and will be included in the company's New Item Alert, and will be featured on the cold and allergy behind-the-counter planograms when refreshed this spring.







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