Acura Pharmaceuticals moves forward with plans to launch diversion-hindering PSE product

PALATINE, Ill. — Acura Pharmaceuticals on Wednesday shared with analysts details on its launch strategy of Nexafed, a pseudoephedrine formulated such that it inhibits the diversion to methamphetamnine. 

We have begun executing a plan to generate awareness of Nexafed with pharmacists to support stocking of Nexafed in the pharmacies and generate consumer recommendations by the pharmacists," Acura president and CEO Bob Jones told analysts Wednesday morning. "We have met numerous independent pharmacists from several states at recent trade shows, and have found an enthusiastic level of interest in Nexafed. These pharmacists appear pleased that we intend to offer Nexafed at a price comparable to similar branded products."

Nexafed will still fall under sales restriction dictated by the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2006, which requires all pseudoephedrine products to be placed behind the pharmacy counter, Jones noted, as well as more stringent state restrictions where applicable. Both Oregon and Mississippi require a prescription for any PSE-containing products, for example. 

"Our long-term objective is really twofold. One is to continue to improve upon our technology, which we believe we can do," Jones said. The second long-term objective would be to demonstrate real, practical experience in the marketplace relative to disrupting meth production, Jones added. Following that, Acura would then be to make applications either to individual states or to the Drug Enforcement Agency in an effort to get exemptions from relative sales restrictions.  

"We look at the independent pharmacies as being the early adopters," Jones said. "We think if we establish the product with independent pharmacists, that will demonstrate to the chains [the benefits of Nexafed]."

According to the company, Nexafed will be the first marketed product utilizing Acura's proprietary Impede technology, and expects to make its first shipments in December.

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