Acme offers parents tips to a healthier Halloween

MALVERN, Pa. — A Supervalu banner is offering parents ways to have a healthier Halloween.

Acme Markets registered dietitian Jennifer Shea said that such ideas as making sure children sleep well the night before Halloween, not letting children overindulge and having kids wear a pedometer to track their steps can help make Halloween a healthier holiday.

“Let’s face it, half the fun of Halloween is that it’s a holiday of indulgence and sugary treats,” Shea said. “By planning we can make adjustments in our routine to accommodate a night or two of Halloween trick or treating and fun.”

Shea also suggested offering treats that are more nutritious than candy and other sugary snacks, which can be found at Acme stores with help from the chain's Nutrition iQ program that features color-coded icons on shelf tags and signs that serve as at-a-glance cues to help shoppers identify and find healthy food options.

“When picking out treats in preparation for Halloween, why not include some that pack a nutrient punch? Like trail mix, mini popcorn bags, yogurt covered raisins, 100% fruit roll-ups, granola bars or sunflower seeds,” Shea said.

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