AccuDial to roll out dosing system

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. AccuDial Pharmaceutical recently shared plans to launch its line of patented dosing systems in the United States this fall. The system features an accurate dosing spoon, coupled with weight-based dosing recommendations, as opposed to age-based dosing recommendations found on many kids' product labels today.


The August/September launch will start with its liquid acetaminophen line and is expected to expand from there. Retailing for a suggested $6.99, Children’s Accudial will be supported with a $15 million print media campaign.



AccuDial Pharmaceutical’s AccuDial product was featured in January on an episode of CBS’ “The Doctors” as one solution to dosing concerns facing parents.



“Studies show that children are given an inaccurate dose of over-the-counter medication more than half the time by parents,” said Dr. Jim Sears, a board certified pediatrician and one of the featured doctors on the program. “Pediatricians, we always dose by weight,” he said. “But a lot of the over-the-counter [medicines] give an age range — 6 to 12 years old — a huge range.”



Sears then held an AccuDial label up to the camera, explaining that the patented label could be rotated so that parents could determine proper dosage by weight.


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