AccuDial featured on T.V. show

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. AccuDial Pharmaceutical’s AccuDial product was featured Thursday afternoon on an episode of CBS’ "The Doctors" as one possible solution to a common problem facing parents — how much cough syrup should they give their children?

“Studies show that children are given an inaccurate dose of over-the-counter medication more than half the time by parents,” commented Dr. Jim Sears, a board certified pediatrician and one of the featured doctors on the program. “Pediatricians, we always dose by weight,” he said. “But a lot of the over-the-counter [medicines] give an age range — six to 12 years old — a huge range.”

Sears then held an AccuDial label up to the camera, explaining that the patented label could be rotated so that parents could determine proper dosage by weight. A dosage spoon is included with the medicine, Sears added.

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