About 130,000 people use SoloHealth Stations per day, company says

Kiosk maker reports 40 million 'consumer engagements' annually

ATLANTA — Health kiosks made by SoloHealth are being used about 40 million times per year, the company said Friday.

The kiosk maker said its SoloHealth Stations around the country had an average of 10 million users per quarter, or almost 130,000 per day, with Texas, Florida, California, Georgia and North Carolina leading other states. The numbers were based on "consumer engagements," which refers to a consumer taking at least one test per session. There are currently at least 3,500 of the kiosks in the market.

"We are thrilled to offer millions of Americans a healthcare access platform that delivers free health and wellness services, tools and information in convenient retail locations nationwide," SoloHealth CEO Bart Foster said. "We are now within driving distance of 79% of the U.S. population, which shows the scale and reach of the station across the nation."

According to the company, almost 70% of users have a medium- to high-risk of blood pressure, while 51% are overweight or obese, and another 51% have a medium- to high-risk of vision loss.


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