ABC's Lash Group gains URAC accreditation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Lash Group, an AmerisourceBergen company, on Thursday announced that it has received a Health Call Center accreditation from URAC for its Clinical Services and Adherence programs. The accreditation solidifies the company’s position as one of the top patient support services. 

The accreditation is an acknowledgement of its high-performing adherence programs that benefit both patients and manufacturers. For patients, Lash Group helps them gain access and remain dedicated to their treatment plans. Lash Group’s manufacturer clients benefit from defined policies that identify expectations for associates and leaders; processes to track trends within programs to identify staffing needs and ensure patient safety and access; improved client audit scores; an improved document management system that shows training progress and document version control; and processes for continuing quality improvement.

 “The Health Call Center accreditation from URAC recognizes our business’s commitment to quality, patient safety, and it’s an acknowledgment of our great people and their dedication to improving business processes,” stated Lash Group president Tracy Foster. “Lash Group’s Clinical Services management team has completed Lean Six Sigma training, and we’ve put new processes in place to track trends within adherence programs. This improved visibility will allow us to identify new areas for ongoing business process improvement, so we can make patient’s lives better.” 

“By applying for and receiving URAC accreditation, Lash Group has demonstrated a commitment to quality health care,” said URAC president and CEO Kylanne Green. “Quality health care is crucial to our nation’s welfare, and it is important to have organizations that are willing to measure themselves against national standards and undergo rigorous evaluation by an independent accrediting body."

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