AbbVie releases higher-dose version of pancreatic enzyme-replacement drug

New formulation of Creon offers new dosing option for patients, company says

NORTH CHICAGO, Ill. — A new, higher-dose formulation of a drug used to treat pancreatic disorders is now available, the drug's manufacturer said.

AbbVie announced the launch of the new formulation of Creon (pancrelipase) delayed-release capsules. The drug is used to treat exocrine pancreatic insufficiency due to cystic fibrosis, chronic pancreatitis, removal of the pancreas and other conditions. The new strength is the highest-dose pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy available in the United States, AbbVie said.

"Patients with [exocrine pancreatic insufficiency] require replacement of enzymes to help them break down food into nutrients," University of Pittsburgh gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition division chief David Whitcomb said. "Obtaining adequate lipase doses, however, often means taking a large number of capsules with each meal. A higher-lipase capsule dose is an option for some patients, and it may help reduce the number of capsules they take when compared to lower-lipase products."

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