Abbott expands Ensure shakes line

ABBOTT PARK, Ill. Abbott on Thursday introduced two new nutrition shakes — Ensure Muscle Health and Ensure Clinical Strength — both formulated to help rebuild muscle mass naturally lost with age.

Ensure Muscle Health shakes contain Abbott's proprietary ingredient, Revigor, a source of HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, an amino-acid metabolite), and 13 g of protein.


“Abbott scientists have been studying muscle loss for more than a decade,” stated Rob Miller, divisional VP global research and development and scientific affairs. “We've taken our expertise with HMB, the ingredient that has been clinically shown to support muscle mass and functionality in healthy, exercising adults, and have added it to one of our therapeutic nutrition products for people over 40 who are naturally losing muscle with age.”


Ensure Clinical Strength shakes offer focused clinical nutrition, coupling the benefits of Revigor and protein with Immune Balance, a unique blend of prebiotic fiber to support digestive tract health and antioxidants to support the immune system.

Clinical research has shown that beginning around 40 years of age, people can start to lose 8% of muscle mass per decade, which can lead to loss of strength and mobility. Weakness, fatigue, low energy and weight loss are signals of muscle loss.


In addition to two new innovative nutrition shakes, Abbott recently relaunched its product line and introduced a new, streamlined look for the Ensure brand. With an updated logo and packaging, it is easier for consumers to find the Ensure shake to fit their nutritional needs, whether it's Ensure Muscle Health, Ensure Clinical Strength, Ensure Immune Health, Ensure Bone Health, Ensure or Ensure Plus.


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