7UP gets 'ridiculously bubbly'

PLANO, Texas 7UP is getting an upgrade.

The soft drink is infusing a more crisp, clean lemon-lime flavor and also is updating its packaging. To celebrate the changes, 7UP is kicking off new "Ridiculously Bubbly" TV spots — featuring actor and comedian David Spade, best known for his portrayal of some the most sarcastic characters on screen — to put the "ridiculously bubbly" taste of 7UP to the test.

"7UP knows our fans love the great lemon-lime taste of the original uncola, and we're always looking for ways to improve their flavor experience and win over more taste buds," said Dave Falk, director of marketing for 7UP. "We've added more 100% natural lemon-lime flavor to deliver the authentic crisp, clean taste consumers told us they wanted."

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