3M launches Nexcare with Microvex cold sore remedy

DESTIN, Fla. 3M earlier this month launched a new cold sore treatment, called Nexcare with Microvex Cold Sore Treatment, here at the ECRM Cough/Cold and Allergy conference. The new cold sore remedy contains benzocaine for pain relief and allantoin as a skin protectant, as well as vitamins E and C and tee tree oil.

The bevy of ingredients is designed to provide fast pain relief, soften scabs and protect and relieve chapped lips, all with a non-greasy formula.

According to 3M research, cold sore remedies are not seasonal—the approximated 60 million sufferers buy all year long. Winter is the heaviest season, with 33 percent of sufferers seeking relief, followed by 23 percent who seek relief in the fall and summer and 21 percent who seek relief in the spring.

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