35,000 users networking with Pharmacist Society

DSN and Skipta introduced Pharmacist Society a year ago to provide networking, job searching, continuing education and other services.

Pharmacist Society — which Drug Store News introduced at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores’ 2010 Pharmacy and Technology Conference in San Diego and launched in November 2010 under a partnership with professional networking website developer Skipta — has grown to more than 35,000 members and combines networking, job searching, continuing education and other services in a regulated user environment. Pharmacists, pharmacies and pharmacy schools can create private pages for their employees, while pharmacists can store documents and drug companies can provide members with product education.

“Pharmacist Society is quickly becoming the primary destination where pharmacists collaborate, communicate and connect,” DSN publisher Wayne Bennett said.

Upcoming features include mobile apps that will allow pharmacists to engage and communicate at any time during their day.

“It’s exciting to see the engagement from pharmacists from across all areas of pharmacy, from hospitals to retail to clinics,” Skipta president and CEO Ted Search said. “This site is becoming the true voice of pharmacy.”

And even with the rapid growth in membership, the site has continued to grow.

“We have seen terrific growth in the utilization in Pharmacist Society. Our overall traffic in July was greater than the entire first quarter 2011 period,” Bennett said. “We are seeing more retailers and suppliers coming on board, and Pharmacist Society is quickly becoming the No. 1 destination for pharmacist social networking.”

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