30 Watt introduces Connect-A-Cord PrankPack

MINNEAPOLIS – The pranksters at 30 Watt have introduced a new way to fool family and friends this holiday season, with a fake new product that supposedly solves the issue of hard-to-reach electrical devices — Connect-A-Cord, 50 one-foot sections of cord — the company announced on Monday.

With 50 separate cords, Connect-A-Cord is a new solution to tangled cords, the product's box claims. The product's packaging also boasts that it comes with an optional contractor case for tangle-free storage.

"Connecting 50 one-foot cords to reach an electrical outlet doesn't sound like an ideal extension cord, but it sounds like a great prank gift box," said Arik Nordby, creative director at 30 Watt. "The product is fake, but the box looks like the real deal."

Placing a real gift inside a PranckPack, like the box for Connect-A-Cord, can make gift-giving more eventful. As the recipient opens up the Prank Pack, they will discover the bright yellow flaps inside that read, "Prank You!"

"In addition to the multiple styles to currently choose from, we hope consumers will be eager to find out what new PrankPacks will be added to the line every year, and enthusiastically select the vessels for their gift delivery," Nordby said.

The Connect-A-Cord PrankPack is currently available at PrankPack.com for $8.00.

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