2014 Scattergood Design Challenge seeks ways to integrate mental health care into retail clinics

NEW YORK — Recognizing the vital role that retail-based health clinics play in today’s healthcare system, the Scattergood Foundation is exploring the most effective way to integrate mental health care into retail clinics through its 2014 Design Challenge.

“By integrating mental health care with existing physical health care in a retail clinic, we are addressing the health and wellness of the whole person, mind and body. A study from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine concluded chronic conditions, such as hypertension and asthma, are more likely to occur with a mental health condition and that the average number of impaired days per month for chronic diseases increases with a mental health condition,” the Foundation stated.

The Scattergood Foundation awards targeted grants to address critical behavioral health needs in innovative ways.

The winning solution will be considered for implementation at QCare, the first retail clinic in North Philadelphia. QCare is operated by Family Practice and Counseling Network.

Submissions are accepted until March 2 and all interventions submitted must have the potential to be implemented by May 14.


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