2014 Retail Clinician Education Congress to include Business Leadership Track

MINNEAPOLIS — As retail-based health clinics and the practitioners who work in them become an increasingly important players within the U.S. health care system, the industry is gearing up for the seventh annual Retail Clinician Education Congress in May, which will include the highly anticipated Business Leadership Track.

This year’s RCEC event will be held May 12 to 15 at the Hyatt Regency here in Minneapolis. The Drug Store News Group, in conjunction with the Convenient Care Association and Partners in Healthcare Education, hosts the three-day educational and networking forum.

“The Business Leadership Track on day two of the 2014 Retail Clinician Education Congress is designed to provide great insights on the major growth drivers affecting the retail health care industry and the access to the key leadership responsible for the strategic direction for this important patient care delivery model,” said Wayne Bennett, publisher of the Drug Store News Group.

The Business Leadership track includes the following sessions:

Healthcare Reform: Healthcare Exchanges and You: Health exchanges are organizations set up to facilitate the purchase of health insurance in every state in accordance with Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Marketplaces provide a set of government-regulated and standardized healthcare plans from which individuals may purchase health insurance eligible for federal subsidies. This panel will address the role of health exchanges, what they mean to different healthcare provider groups and how you can help your patients and consumers to navigate them.

Telehealth: Many retail clinic operators are utilizing different telehealth capabilities to enhance the quality and services for their patients. From services like health stations or pods to innovative point of care cloud-based testing tools, this session will explore the various ways that retail clinic operators are using telehealth technology to provide comprehensive, high-quality care to consumers.

Consumer Views on Clinic’s Roles: We heard last year from Harris Interactive and Athena health about what research revealed about retail clinics from the view points of the consumer and provider data. In this follow-up session, presenters will address how consumers view and utilize the retail clinics in light of the implementation of the PPACA and how retail clinics are proving to be an important player in healthcare reform thus far from a provider perspective.

Strategic Partnerships and the Building of the Business Model: Retail clinics continue to form strategic partnerships and clinical affiliations to enhance and expand the care provided in the clinics. This panel discussion will address the different types of partnerships that private and nonprofit clinic operators are forming to build upon the existing retail clinic business model. With panelists from hospital systems, private clinic organizations and consulting firms, attendees will get a better understanding of the benefits of these strategic partnerships, how the PPACA has helped shape the partnerships and what they look like from a clinical and business perspective.

CEO Panel: This discussion is designed to offer advanced practice clinicians and executive management an update on healthcare changes, challenges and opportunities that will be reflected in their clinical practice over the next few years. The session will: describe challenges and opportunities the convenient care industry is currently facing; evaluate the future needs of the populations served in retail clinics to achieve improved patient outcomes; define the changing role of providers in retail clinics from inception through the present; identify clinical requirements necessary to evolve the retail clinics; and explain how evolving clinical services and implementation of best practices in the retail clinic can improve access and quality of care available in the United States.

Confirmed participants for the track include —

Healthcare Reform:

Heidi Wold, VP operations, Walgreens 


  • Dave Skibinski, President/CEO, Snap MD
Noel Obourn, SVP of sales, AmericanWell

  • Tobias Barker, VP medical operations, MinuteClinic

  • Cynthia Graff, CEO, Lindora


  • Debra Richman, SVP, healthcare business development & strategy, Harris Interactive
  • athenahealth

Strategic Partnerships:

  • Stephen Lazzari, director, FastCare

  • Ken Patric, CMO, The Little Clinic

  • Web Golinkin, CEO, RediClinic

  • Matthew Kollman, VP of quality and service integration; executive director, primary care practices, Memorial Physicians, PLLC

CEO Panel:

Nancy Gagliano, CMO, MinuteClinic

  • Brian Slusser, CEO, Optimized Care Network

  • Joshua Tirado, senior group manager, Clinic, Target Corp.
Mike Stoll, CEO, The Little Clinic

  • Stephen Lazzari, director, FastCare
Ken Patric, CMO, The Little Clinic
Web Golinkin, CEO, RediClinic

  • Matthew Kollman, VP of quality and service integration; executive director, primary care practices, Memorial Physicians, PLLC.

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