‘C’-ing that scars go away

Mitchell-Vance Labs’ ScarAway for C-sections

GUILFORD, Conn. —Mitchell-Vance Labs is in the process of launching a new scar product to add to its ScarAway offering that could appeal to a whole new consumer in search of scar therapy—ScarAway for C-sections.

The therapy may have direct appeal to 1-in-4 new mothers, which is the number of women who give birth by Cesarean section in the United States. According to the March of Dimes, the national weighted average of C-section births is 25.2%, but the percentage of C-sections performed climbs higher than 30% in three states—Mississippi (31.1%), New Jersey (30.9%) and Louisiana (30.4%).

The product features an extended-length, medical-grade silicon scar sheet ideal for placement over C-section cuts.

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